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20 May 2023

Vegas Rush, a new slot from Big Time Gaming, lets you partake in a gambling adventure à la Las Vegas.

Big Time Gaming, a renowned casino game producer located in New South Wales, Australia, released Vegas Rush, a slot machine with a Las Vegas casino theme that includes slots in a Las Vegas casino, after the debut of the popular The Race MegawaysTM.

Remarkable visual

The main subject of the slot is the aforementioned glitzy Las Vegas casino, according to its name. Slot machines on a casino floor are depicted in the backdrop in a hazy manner, with a sign reading "25 Megaclusters" above the reels. Additionally, 25 indicates that there are 25 symbols total on the reels, with the possibility of 100 symbols if the player has a string of victories. The 12-rung MegaTrailTM is located to the left of the reels. Each time a symbol contributes to a win, it is eliminated and replaced with 4 smaller ones, thereby producing a series of wins. As a result, the player moves up one rung on the MegaTrailTM, which starts off rewarding them with varied prizes, for each consecutive win.

The MegaclustersTM and MegatrailTM mechanisms that support the slot machine may provide payouts up to 47,200 times a player's wager.

Players must create a cluster of 5 or more matching symbols in any location on the dynamic 55 grid of the game screen to win. A player can use 100 symbols on a 1010 grid because, as was noted before, each winning symbol generates 4 smaller ones.

Regular paying symbols are traditional pieces of gaming hardware. A winning cluster of 25 or more is worth 30x to 50x the stake for the player.

The game may be played on any platform, with a high RTP of 96.44%, and a maximum win of 47,200 times a player's wager.

Slot attributes:

The wild sign, sometimes known as the W, replaces all other symbols to form cluster wins. It could have a multiplier in the MegatrailTM that is up to five times larger.

MegaclustersTM: During this feature, the winning symbols vanish after producing a win and four smaller symbols take their place for each normal symbol, giving the player an additional opportunity to produce consecutive wins as previously described. All successive wins are related to the same spin, and smaller winning symbols will be replaced with symbols of the same size. However, the player will receive a total of 100 little symbols for producing wins with all regular-size symbols. The grid is reset to 25 symbols each time a winning run lasts for several days.

MegatrailTM - During this feature, there are 12 rungs on the MegatrailTM, which is to the left of the reels. For each successive win, the player advances one step down the track, returning to the bottom if they run out of victories.

With each spin, the arrangement of the feature varies. However, it will always include a cash prize on the top level and Free Spins on the seventh rung. Apart from the Free Spins and the monetary prize, at least 3 random Bonuses will also appear on the trail on each spin, so certain rungs may occasionally be vacant. These are the 12 Trail Bonuses:

Wilds - adds up to 10 Wilds at random on the screen;
Wilds with up to 5x multipliers are added randomly by multiplier wilds;
sign Explosions: Every time a certain sign is displayed, all other symbols in that row or column are also eliminated;
Each regular symbol of the type being shown will be divided into four smaller symbols of the same type using the symbol subdivide function;
Symbol Upgrade changes all symbols of the type being shown to a different symbol;
Each symbol of the kind being presented will change into a Wild;
4 Wilds are added to the screen in a grid by Mega Wild. The Free Spins include the addition of two Wild grids;
Win Multiplier: This feature increases the spin's multiplier by up to 10x. The Bonus Reward, however, is not doubled;
Explosions - up to three explosions in the appropriate form will clear the screen of all symbols;
Symbol Duplication - 5 symbols of the displayed kind, in regular size, will be added to a screen row or column;
Each sign on the top, bottom, left, or right side of the screen is eliminated in a 50:50 ratio;
Max Megaclusters - gives the player a total of 100 symbols by substituting 4 smaller symbols for each giant sign;
Additionally, the Bonus Reward on the 12th rung can be worth up to 1,000 times the player's stake in the basic game and 2,000 times it during the Free Spins. In addition, the upgraded MegatrailTM is used during the Free Spins, and thereafter, the player switches back to the standard one.

Free Spins: During the base game, obtaining the seventh rung on the MegatrailTM triggers six free spins. As previously indicated, the player will get an improved MegatrailTM for the duration of the round, along with at least six Bonus Rewards spaced evenly along the trail rungs and a Bonus Reward that may be up to 2,000 times the player's wager. In addition, the player will receive 3 more spins, and if chance is on their side, they may receive 99 spins.

Bonus Buy: If the player decides to trigger the free spins right away, they can purchase 6 extra spins for 60 times their initial wager.