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23 Jun 2021

The possibility of single-game sports betting becoming legal in Canada

After years of campaigning, the Senate of the enormous country of Canada allegedly passed legislation yesterday to legalise single-game wagering. As a result, sportsbetting enthusiasts across Canada may soon be allowed to do so legally.

The 105-seat body ratified Bill C-218 on Tuesday, following the House of Commons' action in February, according to a report from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) news service. This legislation would permit bettors to legally wager on individual football, baseball, and ice hockey games as well as action from other sports. The legislation, also known as the Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act, is said to have been submitted as a private member's bill into the chamber and subsequently approved by a vote of 57 to 20 with five abstentions.

Nearby appeal

According to the news service, the passage of Bill C-218, which has been in the works for many years, will likely help casinos across Canada draw customers from American states where sportsbetting is still prohibited even after the Professional and Amateur Sports Protections Act (PASPA) of that country was declared invalid in 2018. The new legislation will allegedly amend sections of the Criminal Code to make it legal for operators from British Columbia to Newfoundland to accept and process bets on single sporting events. The new legislation still needs to go through the largely ceremonial royal ascent stage before becoming law.

Citizen worry

According to the CBC, only single-game bets on horse races are currently permitted in Canada, but if Bill C-218 is passed, the country's massive casino industry may be able to start recovering some of the millions of dollars that are annually lost through a number of illegal offshore sportsbetting sites. Senator David Wells (pictured), one of the bill's supporters, allegedly claimed that by making such operations legal, some of the money currently being traded on the illegal market may be diverted into the public coffers of Canada's 10 provinces and three territories.

Associate endorsement:

The close-knit equestrian community in North America, as well as the Canadian Football League and the National Hockey League, have reportedly expressed interest in supporting Bill C-218, which could result in billions of dollars being invested in health care, addiction research, and educational initiatives.

Wells allegedly told the CBC that...

"Canadians bet billions of dollars through these offshore sites that are completely unregulated in Canada each year."

Optimistic operator

Lynda Cavanaugh, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation's (BCLC) interim president, reportedly told Gambling Insider that she approved of Bill C-218's passing. According to reports, the executive declared that the information constituted "a huge win" and that her company would now be looking to add single-game sportsbetting to its online casino at PlayNow.com.

crucial intervention

According to reports, the CEO of the Crown corporation stated that her company plans to continue putting players' health first by working to identify behaviours that are frequently interpreted as symptoms of problem gambling. She reportedly concluded by stating that PlayNow.com would continue to give customers the opportunity to speak with medical specialists who can direct them to a variety of outside treatment and support options over the phone or through online chat.

Cavanaugh is said to have told this source...

We are thrilled to soon provide these additional options to our players on PlayNow.com, the only website where gambling is legal in British Columbia. PlayNow.com generates significant money for the province, which is used to fund things like healthcare, education, and community programmes.