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23 Aug 2021

The North Carolina Senate has authorised sports betting.

North Carolina is one step closer to approving the commercialization of sports betting. With a vote of 26-19 late last week, the state Senate approved a proposal that would have 10 to 12 licence holders in the state do the activity. The House of Representatives will now study the bill in more detail.

Given that the majority of Republican lawmakers are against the proposal, it was unexpected that the bill was brought up. Nine Republicans voted in favour of the bill, while 15 against it. The bill advanced to the following stage of the parliamentary procedure thanks to the 17 democratic votes.

The Legalisation of Sports Betting Makes Sense

The bill legalising and regulating sports betting in North Carolina is supported in part by Senator Jim Perry, who believes it makes sense for the state to do so. Online gambling is easy to do, and nearby states like Tennessee and Virginia are already benefiting from a regulated market.


Perry wants the business to be permitted in the state and to utilise the money it generates to aid low-income school districts. The senator views the proposal as a means of generating additional state income for the community's benefit. According to a recent research by a nonpartisan organisation, the business may raise up to $24 million.

As it stands, the legislation would grant 10 to 12 licences to businesses that would provide sports betting services. Operators would furthermore pay an 8% tax on top of costs. Perry does anticipate that when the plan advances through the House, the tax rate will rise. As written, the proposal would allocate 50% of the profits from the new sector to North Carolina's general fund and reserve 50% for the promotion of significant events.

Resistance Persists

There is always some type of pushback whenever a state attempts to legalise a new gaming activity. Legislators and organisations opposed to it exist in North Carolina, notably the North Carolina Family Policy Council. John Rustin, the Council's president, continues to be vociferous about the organization's opposition to the law and maintains that gaming does not need to be made more accessible.

Rustin claims that the group is concerned about the issues related to gambling. He made the observation that social concerns will surface and that this would present a challenge for the state's citizens. Rustin added that there is a large financial interest in the issue because it pertains to gaming.


A change was made to the measure last week to address any potential social problems. For the purpose of educating people about gambling addiction and available treatment alternatives, $1 million was allotted. The monies would be used under the direction of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Tribal Sports Betting is Currently Active

Tribal casinos already provide services, but North Carolina politicians are working to legalise commercial sports betting. Governor Roy Cooper approved legislation that made sports betting at tribal facilities legal back in 2019.

The two tribal casinos in North Carolina are permitted to offer these services under Senate Bill 154 as long as wagers are made on tribal territories. The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians own both casinos, which are run by Caesars Entertainment.